Our business is all about saving you time, increasing your productivity and reducing stress. That means you’ll have more time to focus on the aspects of the business which you are passionate about and require the majority of your attention. Using our services will even free up your time to spend with those who matter the most. 
If you’re wearing too many hats when it comes to running your business, we can stop you getting stressed by the pressure of selling and customer service to help you grow whilst looking after your customers like they’re our own. Rather than foot the bill for full-time sales staff salaries - not to mention the admin and cost that comes with PAYE, annual leave, pension contributions and so on - turn to us for help when you need it. 
As a business owner, it is crucial you choose an outsourced sales service that you can trust. For many customers, these salespeople are likely to be the first point of contact your clients have with your company. We understand that when you work with us, you are choosing us to be the voice of your business, so we are here to represent you in the right way. 

Who are Yellow Rose Sales? 

My name is Jo and I am the Managing Director of Yellow Rose Sales, I wanted to share my background so you could get to know me a little better and tell you how Yellow Rose was born. 
I have worked in some of the most competitive sales industries throughout my career, from estate agency to fleet cars sales and finally alternative business finance. It is through this long and varied career in the world of sales that I discovered there was a disparity between the amount of money that companies were investing in sales and the returns they were getting back. 
Many companies that I have dealt with over the years have implemented large sales forces, employing numerous full time, salaried members of staff. This huge outlay often means that many businesses are already faced with a huge uphill financial struggle each month before even breaking even.  
This is especially true for small business where a very small number of people are responsible for a number of roles within the business; perhaps taking on the sales side of their business but without the relevant experience and know-how. 
That’s why I decided to create Yellow Rose Sales. To offer cost-effective, bespoke sales services, tailored to each individual business without the need to employ numerous and potentially ineffective sales teams. Not only will you benefit from a professional sales management service but it frees up your time to focus on the day to day running of your business. Equally as important as this is the time gained to spend with those who are dearest to us. After all isn’t that the reason why we all decided to start working for ourselves in the first place? 

The Yellow Rose Sales Experience 

Our compassionate, caring, and friendly nature is just one of the reasons our clients love to work with us for their business sales support. When it comes to telesales, we bring an outgoing, fun and dependable vibe, which helps to connect with your potential customers and build rapport. 
We love getting to know our clients and their businesses and are always happy to have a chat about how Yellow Rose Sales can help your company grow and save you time. For more information on our outsourced sales services, give us a call today. 
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